Layoff-Proof Your Career

There is no unemployment insurance like preparation.

You can't stop your company from laying you off, but you can build a career that survives and thrives anyway.

Learn the Three Pillars of Professional Resilience so you aren't trapped in your job or chained to your employer.

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The Three Pillars of Professional Resilience:

  • Having sufficient savings to weather the storm or walk away before it hits
  • Building a robust network that offers you opportunities
  • Maintaining marketable skills so someone always wants what you do

What to expect from Layoff-Proof Your Career


I'll explain my financial resilience strategy and how it's changed over time. Building savings is essential, but I had to learn some hard lessons before I was able to get consistent and effective at saving and investing.

This is more common that most people realize. If you're in the same boat, don't feel alone or embarrassed about where you are in your journey. You have to start somewhere to get somewhere.

We'll talk about how to develop your network authentically and sustainably, without being awkward or transactional. This is the most important and most procrastinated Pillar.

When people know who you are, why you're special, and what you're trying to accomplish in your career, they will naturally offer you opportunities. When done well, these offers will be extended organically at random moments here and there.

If that's happening, you'll get an absolute FLOOD of support if A Bad Thing happens (like a layoff).

We'll also talk about how to identify, develop, and evolve your monetizable skills so you're always marketable. Many professionals get complacent about staying on top of their skills, but that makes it really hard for you to stay relevant in your industry and get lots of callbacks when you enter the job market – whether by choice or by force.

For me, that evolution turned into a side hustle (this career coaching company!). But it DOESN'T have to.

Not everyone is meant to be an entrepreneur and that's ok.

But NO ONE is meant to be trapped in a crap job because they don't know how to leave.

NO ONE is meant to be unemployed or underemployed because their skill level is out of step with their potential.

Layoff-proofing your career isn't about making you impossible to lay off. It's about making layoffs easy to bounce back from.

Companies exist to make money, not to be nice to us. So if you leave your livelihood in the hands of a company, it's only a matter of time until the company's interest differ from your own.

That might look like a layoff. But it could also look like lack of growth opportunities, plateauing pay, lack of flexibility, or an unsustainable workload.

Layoff-proofing help you withstand layoffs, but also frees you from having to tolerate bad jobs.

Layoff-proofing compounds over time. If you find a way to start and find a way to keep going, it will be there for you when you need it.

As the months and years stretch on, your efforts will generate spontaneous opportunities.

  • You might end up with enough saved for a down-payment for a home.
  • You might get introduced to a hiring manager at your dream company by a networking contact
  • You might find yourself perfectly qualified for a promotion
  • You might discover your most meaningful and fulfilling skills could become a profitable company.

Layoff-proofing isn't just layoff insurance, it's a career investment that starts paying off right away. 

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No catch or big sales pitch. I want as many people as possible to start thinking about how they can build more resilience into their careers. 

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Layoff-Proof Your Career


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