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Boldly pursue your career goals with a coach who can help you master "the tactical stuff," while beating anxiety, indecision, insecurity, and overwhelm.

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Featured in the Netflix Documentary
"Take Your Pills: Xanax"

It's important to me to help the world understand that anxiety is normal and healthy, but the way we deal with it often isn't.

We need as many tools in our toolbox as we can to navigate this wild world we live in and the anxiety it creates. I'm glad Xanax is one of them, but as the documentary examines, it's too often the only one.

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WORKSHOP: Resumes That Pop
(Without So Much Pain!)

Working on your resume can feel like fingernails scratching the chalkboard of your soul, getting a million mental papercuts, the emotional equivalent of stepping on a sea of legos.

But it doesn’t have to be this way.

↘️ Join me and learn how to build a resume that stands out, with way less distress. ↙️

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What My Clients Have To Say:

Tess E.

I can't recommend Phoebe Gavin and her workshops enough. I reached a point in my career where I just wasn't sure what I should do next and I needed guidance. It had also been years since I really updated my resume, LinkedIn profile, etc., so I needed help there as well. I heard about Phoebe through a friend and after meeting with Phoebe I felt like I should give her course a shot. I couldn't believe how much support and comprehensive resources Phoebe provided.

Plus, her 1-on-1 meetings were super caring and extremely thorough. Phoebe is first and foremost a professional and knows how to really get to the heart of the matter when it comes to navigating career issues. She has a wealth of experience, which she shares generously. Working with her was eye-opening. For me, in my own time, I went through her in-depth coursework and had four 1-on-1 meetings with her. I found that she not only gave exercises for me to work through to feel more focused in my career, but also real action steps for me to take with my resume and LinkedIn profile.

Her work also encouraged me to reconnect with old coworkers (and friends!) and that's been wonderful as well. I feel much more confident with where I'm at with myself, my career, and the tools I need to support myself, job-wise, as well. Ultimately, working with Phoebe will give you clarity with your career, mentally, and it will give you specific tools to walk into any job with your best. You have to be ready to do the work, but you will not regret working with Phoebe. Highly recommend!

Book a Starter Session for $99

Meet your career coach, Phoebe Gavin

Self-doubt, anxiety, imposter syndrome, perfectionism and procrastination don't have to hold you back. I can help you gain clarity about what you want from your career, build a strategy that will get you there efficiently, and develop the tools you need take bold, courageous action to achieve your goals.

Working with me means you'll get much more than resume tips and interview tricks. I'm a career coach who strives to deeply understand you, fully support you, challenge you when you need it, and (most importantly) help you develop the skills to successfully navigate your journey without me.

That's right. I want to coach myself out of a job.

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What My Clients Have To Say:

Cris C.

I started working with Phoebe because I felt like I wasn't quite putting my best foot forward, and I wanted an experienced hand to help me "close the deal."

We worked on everything from resume tweaking, to interview prep, and follow-up emails. But the courses are what I found most useful, because they address every single aspect of the job hunt. They're detailed and highly practical, and they even include template emails for multiple different scenarios.

It was incredibly reassuring to know that I had a resource that I could refer to in any situation, and I did so many, many times. I highly recommend Phoebe to anyone who wants an HR professional on their side to help them deal with any and all of the issues that can come up during a job search.

Kari S.

When I first met with Phoebe, I was depressed, burned out, and couldn't see a way forward in my career.

Phoebe crafted a map to guide me through a career transition, and week by week, my confidence grew. I switched from an industry I felt hopeless in, earned a highly desired certification, and netted my first role in an exciting new career, which got me a 67% raise.

I feel restored, hopeful, and best of all, equipped for success. I'm no longer afraid to network and ask for what I need. I would recommend Phoebe especially if you're someone who's feeling hopeless and suffering from imposter syndrome. Phoebe will gas you up and get you going.

Emma F.

I had a great experience with Phoebe. My favorite part of Phoebe’s coaching was definitely her screen-recorded reviews of my LinkedIn, resume, and cover letter.

At first I wondered if it would be better to have video call sessions to talk through each of these things, but I ended up really appreciating having her do the review separately and send the footage to me after (which I could then rewatch as many times as needed). It allowed me to hear her thoughts on each material in an uninterrupted stream and essentially see it through her eyes.

The job application process can feel SO stressful and frustrating, and Phoebe’s warm and reassuring approach makes you realize you can’t just treat it like a constant grind – you need to also take care of yourself and avoid burnout, and these things WILL help in the long run! 

Book a Starter Session for $99

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