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Stop surviving and start thriving.

I help people get career clarity, beat burnout, and conquer their job search. You deserve a career that fulfills and enriches you.

Find career direction

Are you anxious, confused, or stressed about where your career is headed? Are you putting off making crucial changes?

I can help you reconnect to your values, set courageous goals, a create a sustainable plan that makes getting there fun.

Get the job you want

Are you unhappy with your job, unsure what to pursue next, or need help getting a promotion or raise?

I can help you polish your professional brand and design a search strategy that gets you into the right role – fast.

Make progress every day

Are you struggling to make progress? Are you stuck in disorganization, procrastination, or overwhelm?

I can help you get motivated, stay consistent, build momentum, and get to the finish line.

I can help you design a future you're excited about.

I used to spend every day anxious about the future.

In 2015, I took a blind leap into a new career. Less than a year later, the company ran into financial troubles and laid me off.

I was devastated, struggling to make ends meet, and despair was creeping in. My bank account drained, my relationship frayed, and my mind filled with terror.

I needed to get strategic.

Just a few years later, I had a 6-figure job in a field I enjoyed – and recruiters trying to poach me every week. I had a happy relationship with a partner who treated me well. I owned a gorgeous home in a neighborhood I loved. I had friends who supported and encouraged me. How?

The North Star Method helped me build my happy.

On the way, I had a lot of twists and turns. They cost me precious time, money, energy, and emotion. But you can benefit from my trial and error.

Do you want a streamlined path to your happy?

That's the North Star Method.


This plan works.

Everything you need to lead a happy life is already inside of you. You just need some help bringing it forward.

That's where coaching comes in.

Together, we'll bring your values and goals to the surface. Then, we'll organize them into an action plan, and create sustainable strategies and habits that will help you build and maintain a life you love.

Where would you be if you'd started a year ago?

A year from now, will you wish you'd started today?


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