Career coaching that puts you on the fast track.

They asked us what we wanted to be when we grew up.

"They" set us up for failure. They encouraged us to fly, but didn't teach us how before they launched us into the air. So we had to build the plane – and learn to fly it – in the sky.

It's no surprise so many people end up in careers that don't work for them. 

If your career isn't working, you're not alone.

Are you where you expected to be?

Everyone deserves to work in a job that feels good, reflects their values, and shows them respect. But very few people get there on their own.

If you're overworked, underappreciated, or under-compensated, you're probably wondering what went wrong. Stop endlessly turning the problem over in your head, get some support.

Let's figure it out together.


Let's turn Sunday Scaries into Sunday Psych-Ups.

When you're excited about your job, confident in your capabilities, and secure in your value as a professional, Sundays feel like just another day.

Stop spending Sunday dreading Monday. 

What do you want to achieve?

Career coaching is a partnership. My job is to help you design the career trajectory of your dreams and empower you to make it real using the North Star Method.

We'll set goals that are aligned with your values and create an action plan that's both effective and sustainable.

Phase 1: The Present

Assess the situation

  • Clarify your goals
  • Diagnose what's not working 
  • Explore why past methods failed
  • Outline your obstacles 
  • Identify your assets

Phase 2: The Plan

Develop your strategy

  • Boost your industry knowledge
  • Improve your application
  • Polish your personal pitch
  • Leverage your network
  • Identify key skills

Phase 3: The Method

Take massive action

  • Take steps that build momentum
  • Create new mindsets and habits
  • Replace counterproductive habits
  • Identify sources of friction
  • Refine your approach over time

Build your skills, your confidence, and your resume.

Don't leave your professional life to chance. Don't simply hope you're good enough. Don't settle for a career that doesn't inspire you, a company that doesn't appreciate you, or a job that doesn't excite you.

Walk boldly into your next professional chapter.

Your coach: Phoebe Gavin

My career story has been one of constant reinvention. Each role taught me a bit about who I was, what I wanted, and what didn't want. Each role got me closer to the life I dreamed of. This process wasn't by accident, it was strategic and intentional.

Using this same process, I can help you leverage your strengths, values, and gifts into fulfilling career opportunities that match your unique priorities.

You deserve a career that fulfills you and facilitates a life you love.

If you're sick of worrying, stressing, regretting... it's time to take action.

You deserve to be excited about your work.

You deserve to boldly and confidently achieve your goals.

Make an investment in yourself that will pay off for the rest of your life.

Transform your career.