Life coaching that empowers you to live on your own terms.

Are you at the bottom of your priority list?

Many voices tell us what's important in life. Voices from our family, our friends, our culture, and our media. Some are helpful, others are not.

Sometimes they drown out our own voice and we struggle to prioritize our own values. We make choices that please others, but don't support our own happiness and fulfillment. 

Let's raise the volume on your voice.

You deserve a life you're proud and excited to live. 

Can you imagine what that life looks like? 

 If you can't, I want to help you clarify that vision. If you can, I want to help you create a plan that will make that vision real. 

You can have that life. The only thing you're missing is a guide.

Let's get you back in the driver's seat of your own life.


It would be nice if life came with instructions.

Some people know exactly what they'd like their lives to look like. For others, the vision is hazier. I can help you confidently craft your vision and create a plan of action that gets you where you want to be.

Let's write the blueprint for the life you want to live.

What do you want to achieve?

Life coaching is a partnership. I help you envision a life that thrills you and guide you through the process of making it real using the North Star Method.

We'll set goals that are aligned with your values and create an action plan that's both effective and sustainable.

Get there with the North Star Method:

Phase 1: The Present

Assess the situation

  • Identify your values
  • Describe your goals
  • Diagnose what's not working 
  • Explore why past methods failed
  • Outline your obstacles 

Phase 2: The Plan

Develop your strategy

  • Identify your milestones
  • Dismantle mental blocks
  • Design supportive habits
  • Identify key skills
  • Explore new methods

Phase 3: The Method

Build momentum

  • Practice key skills
  • Make your habits stick
  • Replace counterproductive habits
  • Identify sources of friction
  • Troubleshoot your system

You are unstoppable when you're aligned.

Motivation comes naturally when you're fighting for goals aligned with your values. You may need clarity, a plan, or both. But once you have them, the pieces will start to fall into place.

Walk boldly into your next chapter.

Your coach: Phoebe Gavin

I used to spend every day anxious about the future.

In 2015, I took a blind leap into a new career. Less than a year later, my company ran into financial troubles and laid me off. I was devastated, struggling to make ends meet, and despair was creeping in. My bank account drained, my relationship frayed, and my mind filled with terror.

Just a few years later, I had a 6-figure job in a field I enjoyed – and recruiters trying to poach me every week. I had a happy relationship with a partner who treated me well. I owned a gorgeous home in a neighborhood I loved. I had friends who supported and encouraged me. How?

The North Star Method helped me build my happy. Now I want to help you use it to build yours.

Do you wish you started a year ago? 

If you're sick of worrying, stressing, regretting... it's time to take action.

You deserve to be excited about your life.

You deserve to boldly and confidently achieve your goals.

Make an investment in yourself that will pay off for the rest of your life.

Become the you you've always wanted to be.

A year from now, will you wish you'd started today?