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Troubleshooting Your Job Search

Reserve Your Seat If:

  • You're not finding jobs to apply to
  • You're not getting callbacks
  • You're not getting through the interview process
  • You're not getting quality offers

In this workshop, we'll explore the 10 key mistakes job seekers make at each of these stages that keep them from landing their next role.

You'll learn what moves to use instead, what kind of support can get you better results out of those tactics faster, and where to find it.

Reserve Your Seat

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Curious about my coaching services?

I help people build lives they're proud and excited to live using my unique coaching process, the North Star Method. This multi-disciplinary approach borrows from psychology and design to help you gain clarity, set smart goals, create powerful plans, and take consistent action.

Life Coaching

Are you anxious, confused, or stressed about where your life is headed? Are you putting off making crucial changes?

I can help you reconnect to your values, set courageous life goals, and create a sustainable plan to get there.

Find direction in life

Career Coaching

Are you unhappy with your career, unsure what's next, or need help getting a promotion or raise?

I can help you build a career plan that inspires you and help you develop the skills you need to get there.

Build a great career

Productivity Coaching

Are you struggling to get things done? Are you stuck in disorganization, procrastination, or overwhelm?

I can help you design a sustainable productivity system that fits your personality and your life's demands.

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